Summer holiday

Our summer holiday is from August 11 to August 18, 2013.

Thank you for your cooperation!

New staff

Two new engineers are going to enter our company this month.
We are ready to welcome them to our team.
Now I’m looking for a good restaurant to hold welcome meeting 🙂


We need staff who have a strong will to make a robot.
All fields are welcome. ex.motion controller, vision and mechanic.
We are looking forward to working with you soon!


Our company is located in Nagahama city, Shiga.
Nagahama is a historic city. When you visit Nagahama, we recommend you to visit Kurokabe street, Nagahama castle and Chikubu island, etc. Please enjoy your stay!

We have head office and technical office.

*Head office
*Technical office

English lesson

We’ve started studying English in our office.
Now we focus on grammer and conversation.
It’s a good opportunity to improve my English ability, too.
We look forward to talking with you!

Team 3dp

Today, I’m going to introduce our staff.
There are twelve people in our company and we call “team 3dp”.
(ten engineers, a general staff and a public relations staff)
I’d like to introduce them individually later!
Though tomorrow is a work day for us, have a nice weekend♪

Summer uniform

Our new uniform for summer is ready soon!

On the back of it, you will see our vision,

“Robotics Designer Team 3dp ~Globe of Dreams~”

is embroidered with a black thread.

A sprout represents our company and ecology.

When you see our staff, please check it!

What is “3dp” ?


In our website, you will see our logo “3dp Robot Solutions”.
Do you know the meaning of 3dp?
Here is the answer!

●dear person
●dream passion
●designer producer

You can find out these words in our management concept, too!
“We consider a life of people in the first place, have a dream and passion, and aim at creation of the society which can continue by the rich heart. ”

Thank you,

Welcome to our blog!

Thank you for coming to our blog.

We are going to introduce our unique staffs and their work in this blog.

Please enjoy staying here and we look forward to any comment from you!

Thank you and best regards.